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The European reference brand

Cellularline is currently the European reference brand in the market of accessories for smartphones and tablets.

Launched in 1990 by Cellularline SpA., a firm from Reggio Emilia, it was conceived as distributor for the first mobile phones, and the brand owes its leadership position to its extensive experience of over 25 years in the field of telephony.

It was the lack of autonomy of the E-TACS phones in the early years, that drove Cellularline SpA. to start producing mobile phone accessories, in particular the car charger, and launch a dedicated brand.

The group

In Italy and Europe

Cellularline consolidated its presence in Italy and began to export products abroad.

Shortly thereafter, thanks to success of this project, Cellularline SpA. began focusing its production on mobile phone accessories, abandoning the distribution of phones, consolidated its presence in Italy and began to export products abroad.

In 2005, Cellularline SpA. became a group, successfully imposing its leadership position in new distribution channels and new sectors, with accessories for, in addition to smartphones, also tablets and MP3 players.

Furthermore, in 2013 the majority shareholding of the company was taken over by L Capital, Private Equity Fund of the LVMH Group, marking a new evolutionary path towards internationalisation and brand statement: in addition to the 4 European branch offices (in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland), the company now boasts an intercontinental distribution of the Cellularline brand in over 60 countries.

Thanks to a highly tailored product strategy based on excellence in quality, design and innovation, Cellularline offers solutions in step with technology trends, constantly striving to combine optimum performance and ease of use.

Cellular Line

Our history

A family business that has become a market leader.

Launched in 1990 in Reggio Emilia by Cellularline S.p.A., born as a distribution company for the first mobile phones, the CELLULAR LINE brand today owes its leadership to more than 25 years of experience in the mobile phone accessories sector
The Swiss company Urso Electronic was founded by Marie-Louise Urso and her father Antonio Urso to distribute mobile phone accessories and other electronic components on the Swiss market.
The growth of Cellular Italia is based on the creation of a complete range of mobile phone accessories.
In the same year, Urso Electronic becomes the exclusive distributor of the CellularLine brand for the Swiss market.
Antonio Miscioscia has joined the Swiss company to strengthen the sales department.
Cellular Italia starts to develop marketing tools for POS Communication
The Spanish subsidiary was born in Valencia. It was founded by Marie-Louise Urso and Antonio Miscioscia
Antonio Urso sells his shares to his daughter Marie-Louise Urso and his son-in-law Antonio Miscioscia
Cellular Swiss SA is the result of a joint venture between Urso Electronic and Cellular Italia
Cellularline S.p.A. becomes a group, successfully declaring its leadership also in new distribution channels and new sectors, with accessories for smartphones, but also for tablets and MP3 players
Cellular Italia Spa reaches distribution in more than 50 countries around the world and is expanding its strategies and activities internationally
The Intercom Business Unit is born: a special division, focused on technical skills, produces a complete range of Bluetooth® products designed to improve and redefine communication on the move, ensuring a safer and more exciting experience
L Capital (a private equity fund supported by LVMH) acquires a majority stake in the company and thus launches an important growth project
The company achieves European leadership in the market for mobile phones accessories
The group’s strong growth continues thanks to the merger with Crescita and the stock market listing (AIM Italia)
Acquisition of SYSTEMAITALIA for the consolidation and reinforcement of the TELCO channel

Historic transition to the MTA market, STAR segment managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.