Legal warranty

Guarantee conditions Cellular Swiss SA


1. Scope of application
These warranty conditions apply to all accessories sold by Cellular Swiss AG (hereinafter CS) or its distribution partners.
2. Duration and content
CS grants a 24-month warranty on all accessories. The warranty starts on the date of purchase. If defects are found, the customer can contact the point of sale or the after-sales service of the shop where the accessory was purchased. In the event of a defect, CS may replace the accessory with another of equal value. If the accessory cannot be replaced, it will be replaced by an equivalent item or refunded.
These guarantee services are valid instead of those of the Swiss Code of Obligations regarding the guarantee and the associated claims for damages.
3. Restrictions
The statutory warranty/guarantee is excluded for
– defects due to natural wear and tear, improper handling or deterioration resulting from the deliberate or negligent act of the buyer or third parties
– Defects for which there are concrete indications that they are attributable to the effect of moisture or other external factors (damage due to dropping, pressure or impact or transport damage). Any work on the device that has not been carried out by CS or that has been carried out without its authorisation terminates the guarantee.